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Eric Michaels

The En Plein Air Pro
Watercolor and Oil Painting Easels for Travel or Workshops

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plein air paintingCompact, Lightweight, Versatile -- Easels for All Your Outdoor Painting Adventures

My intention was to create watercolor and oil painting easels that would honor the spirit of outdoor painting. The En Plein Air Pro easel systems are designed for artists by an artist. They offer convenient and thoughtful features like a brush holder, palette shelves, and water or turps holders. Yet it all folds neatly into a compact carrying bag.





Advanced Series Oil and Acrylic Easels --Especially Designed for Outdoor Use

En Plein Air Pro’s ‘Advanced Series’ Oil and Acrylic Easel handles canvas panels or stretched canvas up to 12” x 16” or down to 6” x 8” (the most popular range for outdoor painting). This easel (12.25” x 15.75”) and adjustable panel holder are made of tough ABS material (not wood which can warp or crack). Easel has ¼” 20 thread mount to fit a standard photo-tripod. Lightweight and portable, the easel and panel holder weigh 1.5 lbs.


The ‘Advanced Series’ Oil and Acrylic Palette is lightweight, functional, and truly unique. Palette Frame is constructed of tough thermoformed ¼” ABS material and features a 6 hole brush holder next to the tripod legs. The mixing surface is a neutral gray PVC, for easy clean-up and ideal for color mixing comparisons in outdoor light.






watercolor easelEn Plein Air Pro Watercolor Easels offer you flexibility and convienience to take your painting adventures to new heights.

Whether you are attending a workshop, or hiking the Rockies to that "special spot" you will have everything you need in one place. Lightweight yet durable, the En Plein Air Pro watercolor easel sets up in minutes, giving you a secure work platform.


The original watercolor easel features a palette tray, brush holder and water pail hook. The advanced series has a larger easel work surface, and our unique palette shelf with molded color wells and mixing areas. The shelf comes with a cover to make transporting paints a breeze.



Check out all the features at the En Plein Air Pro Website.