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Eric Michaels

Gallery of Maritime Paintings

maritime art


"I've always been enchanted by the mystique of the sea. From as far back as I can remember, the writings of Conrad, Melville and London have stirred up images of square riggers in uncharted waters, tempests, pirates and intrepid seafarers en route to exotic lands. Although I've sailed the Caribbean, dived on wrecks and hitched on boats up the inside passage of Alaska, I can't help believing that maybe I was born two hundred years too late."
Enjoy the following Gallery of Maritime Art. You can click on any image to view it larger.


Moored--Mevagissey, England-24 x 18 oil
Moonlight Run 18 x 24 oil
Breakers - Pacific Coast 11 x 15 watercolor
Sea Veteran - Cornwall Coast 15 x 20 watercolor
Tempest - Inner Hebridies 6 x 9 watercolor
Anchored Along the Sound 8 x 11 watercolor
Shark Bay 18 x 24 oil
Breakers Near Monterey 12 x 24 oil
Sea Cove 11 x 14 oil

Mevagissey Harbor 12 x 9
Cornwall Coast 30 x 24 oil
Tofino Harbor Vancouver island 20 x 16 oil