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"I think the two adjectives that best describe my work are "romantic" and "eclectic". I continually draw inspiration from the places I travel, the people I meet and the books I read. I swore that if this ever became a job - I'd quit. Fortunately I've been able to avoid that, and I confess that sometimes I feel a bit like the cat that ate the canary.


It's been a great ride, and a lot of fun sharing my experiences through my art. I like to think my paintings reflect the joy I feel when I'm painting them, and through them I might perhaps be able to leave the world a slightly more beautiful place than when I came in."



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Street Scene, Granada Spain
Swans in St. Amand
Street Scene, Granada Spain 9 x 12, oil
Swans in St. Amand 30 x 40 - oil
Stomping the Grapes 30 x 40 oil
La Vista del Mar
Umbrian Farm
La Vista del Mar 9 x 10 oil
Umbrian Farm 9 x 12 oil
Kerry Moon, Ireland 9 x 12 oil
Lake Valade 20x30
Summer Along the Dart River 24 x 36 oil
Lake Valade 20 x 30 oil
La Luz de Luna---Cuenca, Spain-36 x 48 oil
Alpine Village 24x18
Along the Cornwall Coast 18 x 24
Monastary, France 9 x 12 oil
Alpine Village 24 x 18 oil