fine art oil painting
Eric Michaels

Gallery of Western Paintings

maritime art


"One hundred and fifty years have passed, and the Old West still conjures up images of an unfettered land, and the struggles to tame its unlimited potential.
Those images offer a unique opportunity to for me to create artistic "snapshots" of moments during that historic epoch. I think these paintings of the "Old West" speak to the "romantic" in all of us."


Enjoy the following Gallery of Western Art. You can click on any image to view it larger.


snow intruder
Heading Home 24 x 30 oil
Intruder Alert 36 x 48 oil
Grazing on the Divide 24 x 30 oil
blue shadows
Ambushed 30 x 40 oil
Season on the Buffalo Grass 36x48 oil
Season of the Blue Shadows 30 x 40 oil
Campfire 30 x 24 oil
Los No Invitados 36 x 48 oil
In the Home of the Home of the Mountain Gods
48 x 36 oil
Los No Invitados 36x48s
Little Big Horn
Raiders on the Brazos -24 x 30 oil
Little Big Horn June 25, 1876 30 x 50 oil
Down from the High Country 30 x 48 oil

The Alamo March 6, 1836 oil
Chihuahua 3 Diciembre 1913
Patiently Waiting 18x24 oil