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"Of all the mediums, watercolor is the most idiomatically unique. After all, the vehicle used to move the pigment is water. And, what is more “Zen”- like and quixotic than water? A good watercolorist learns to give up his ego to the medium. He draws and plans, but, in the execution of the painting, he is prepared to allow the water to take him in directions that he could never have dreamed of.watercolor
I think my watercolors most strongly reflect my love of travel, and the exotic. My studio shelves contain dozens of sketchbooks full of watercolors that I have painted in countries all over the world. They serve as a constant inspiration and a reminder of the places I've been fortunate enough to experience."
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A selection of Eric Michaels watercolor sketches are available for sale. Take a look at the Watercolor Sketches Gallery.





Winter Glade 11 x 13

Lost Canyon 12 x 9

Cordoba Street Scene 14 x 10

Estampa 22 x 30

Moonlight Creek 10 x 13

Bend in the Road, Sussex 12 x 19
Birch Bay

Shoreline, Birch Bay 10 x 12

Safe Harbor, Vancover Island 9 x 12

Old Tofino Cannery 11 x 15

El Transparente 30 x 16

Path to the Temple Bali 15 x 11

Git Git Falls---Bali 12 x 9

Na Bolom, Mexico 11 x 15

Loire Valley Monastery 11 x 15

Heart of the Medina, Fez Morocco-8 x 11

La Mercado Patzcuaro, Mexico 9 x 12

El Dia del Mercado 14 x 20

Sussex Wildflowers 11 x 15

Forest Glade 13 x 20

North By Northwest 8 x 12

Roling Thunder 10 x 13